June 23, 2010

Ok I lied

I'm not going to add on to that know why? Because there are just too freaking many options out there. Also because yesterday was hell on wheels after I posted. I have never had such ridiculous problems with them....I am kind of dreading the next few months...even though I'll appreciate them down the road when a schedule has been established...but holy....I would've PAID people to take my kids yesterday.

Today has been slightly better with them....but nothing drastic enough to celebrate about...

BUT! I did manage to get them outside today, the whole storming all day yesterday made it too wet for my patience (read: too wet to deal with the post-playing-clean up) so a good run and play today did wonders.

I miss the days when they got along more than just not fighting...make sense?

June 22, 2010


Have I mentioned I'm getting married in less than 3 months? Yeah cue panic!

Instead of being organized today and getting other things done, I'm playing with the kids and looking on the Craft blog for fun inspirational ideas. We're renting a great big (and I do mean GREAT BIG) hall for the ceremony and reception, all in one place.

I'm looking for cheap, diy type inspiration, Craft is obviously the first place I'll start, and so far I have the following:

LOVELY (and I do mean LOVELY!!) Fabric Garland I'm thinking of finding a nice chocolate/espresso brown yarn and then getting a variety of fabrics with and without patterns in purples and browns (our colours) and just randomly knotting them on in no particular order.

Infact, while typing this entry I took the idea to twitter and have since been offered spare scraps AND help from some of the loveliest of the lovelies!

I think I'll have to go look for more ideas and post them as an edit on this entry, I've been way too distracted and need to organize them first :D

June 21, 2010

A rainy day blog entry....

It's been hot here, my house has averaged 27-28C the past few days by the end of the day. But right now? Oh right now it is raining, and thundering and causing all sorts of gorgeous distraction throughout the land!

So long as it stays thunder and lightning and doesn't change to you know...the T-word, I'll be happy. My house will be happy. My plants will be happy. Most importantly, my kids will be LESS cranky.

It's only day 1 of summer vacation. The last vacation before vacations matter to the kids a bit more. Damien starts kindergarten in September. Where he'll learn a language I've mostly forgotten (french) but where he'll also have the same teacher his dad did....25-ish years ago.

Lili would be in preschool if she was potty trained and old enough...that being said maybe I'll put her in come February when she's old enough? Assuming of course she's trained too...imagine that...entire hours in the middle of the week day to myself....I'll probably end up going crazy!

Its such a tough idea to think of my kids growing up, Damien seems harder for me than Liliana...even though she's my technical baby and when she's in school on a regular basis I'll probably be an emotional roller coaster...but Damien is *MY* baby, he'd sit on top of me 90% of his time if I let him.

Dear kids, please stop growing up. Kthxbai.

June 11, 2010

Come Dream with Me Tonight....

I know right? Who the EFF quotes Teddy Ruxpin as their title for a blog post?

I do. So deal with it. Kids TV themes and me? We're like this *fingers cross here* so don't be hating. It's just not acceptable.

Anyway, here I am back at blogging...except if you were wondering, I've been blogging elsewhere in the mean time.

Here's where you can follow my happenings:

Loop-Frame Love (co-blogging!)

Empire Avenue (addictive!)

Twitter (I tweet a LOT, you've been warned)

I'm hoping that with some decent posts I can get back in the game, maybe one day at LFL and the next here....or here every day, though that could get boring?

We'll see!

October 29, 2009

Moving Bike Posts

Any further posts on Ms. Daisy will be on Loop Frame Love a blog I'm co-writing with my twitter friend @ecoDomestica as we learn and care for our newly found bicycles. You'll probably learn a lot about your own bicycle adventures there (maybe even find out about your own bike? are you searching!?)

In the mean time I'm going to turn this into a personal blog, I feel like I need to get back into the blogging world, I've been floating in and out for so long, where I was posted regularly...and had regular readers. Such an odd change.

Anyway, check back more, I'll have to start scheduling in time to blog, just to get back into the habit!

October 23, 2009

Finding Ms Daisy

I've spent a good 2 - 3 hours this faternoon trying to find evidence of my bike existing. Granted I'm probably looking in the wrong areas, or she's not vintage/retro/old enough to exist on sites dedicated to the older bikes, and she's clearly too old to belong to any new sites. Daisy (apparently named such just now, with the naming of this post) is in some sort of bike limbo.

To share with you: the only picture of Ms Daisy (currently, I'll snatch some more this weekend so I have a better chance at identifying her.)

If you happen to know anything about her, or know where I can look, share with me! Daisy needs a history! (Besides being bought from a garage sale across from the in-laws')

That is all.

October 22, 2009


Testing, but also welcoming the's about time I have something for me. For and about me. And my beautiful bicycle...$10 beauty and lucky purchase. I'll keep you posted!