June 22, 2010


Have I mentioned I'm getting married in less than 3 months? Yeah cue panic!

Instead of being organized today and getting other things done, I'm playing with the kids and looking on the Craft blog for fun inspirational ideas. We're renting a great big (and I do mean GREAT BIG) hall for the ceremony and reception, all in one place.

I'm looking for cheap, diy type inspiration, Craft is obviously the first place I'll start, and so far I have the following:

LOVELY (and I do mean LOVELY!!) Fabric Garland I'm thinking of finding a nice chocolate/espresso brown yarn and then getting a variety of fabrics with and without patterns in purples and browns (our colours) and just randomly knotting them on in no particular order.

Infact, while typing this entry I took the idea to twitter and have since been offered spare scraps AND help from some of the loveliest of the lovelies!

I think I'll have to go look for more ideas and post them as an edit on this entry, I've been way too distracted and need to organize them first :D


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