June 21, 2010

A rainy day blog entry....

It's been hot here, my house has averaged 27-28C the past few days by the end of the day. But right now? Oh right now it is raining, and thundering and causing all sorts of gorgeous distraction throughout the land!

So long as it stays thunder and lightning and doesn't change to you know...the T-word, I'll be happy. My house will be happy. My plants will be happy. Most importantly, my kids will be LESS cranky.

It's only day 1 of summer vacation. The last vacation before vacations matter to the kids a bit more. Damien starts kindergarten in September. Where he'll learn a language I've mostly forgotten (french) but where he'll also have the same teacher his dad did....25-ish years ago.

Lili would be in preschool if she was potty trained and old enough...that being said maybe I'll put her in come February when she's old enough? Assuming of course she's trained too...imagine that...entire hours in the middle of the week day to myself....I'll probably end up going crazy!

Its such a tough idea to think of my kids growing up, Damien seems harder for me than Liliana...even though she's my technical baby and when she's in school on a regular basis I'll probably be an emotional roller coaster...but Damien is *MY* baby, he'd sit on top of me 90% of his time if I let him.

Dear kids, please stop growing up. Kthxbai.


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